Optike- Anu Sistonen

-29th of March 2015 : open doors for the residency of Optike( Anu Sistonen)  in Mersch (Mierscher Kulturhaus) 2.30pm -5.30pm
- 3rd of July 2015 : teaser of Optike at 3 du TROIS, Banannefabrik in Luxembourg- 7pm
- 10th of October 2015 : Mersch (Mierscher Kulturhaus) - Optike- 8pm

Research on human freedom- Hannah Ma

- 08.-28 Juni 2015 : Masterclasses in Europäische Kunstakademie Trier-
   Info and applications: info@beyond-

Presentation of the complete work process:

25. September: Trier, Tufa: Symposium- Pressconference/ Film Presentation, 11am