Hannah Ma

Hannah Ma has chinese and german roots and was born in Berchtesganden, Germany in 1979.


After being educated at the conservatory in Vienna and the John- Cranko- School in Stuttgart she was engaged in productions and theatres in Vienna, Stuttgart, Freiburg, Hongkong, Shanghai, Hannover, Corse, Trier and Luxemburg.


Hannah Ma was a stipendiat of Kirov Ballet, St. Petersburg and Hongkong Ballet and won several awards such as the Gold Medal at “ÖTR- International Ballet Competition” ,Vienna and the Theatre Mask ( Richard- Wagner- Verein), Trier.


She danced in choreographies from Choreographers such as: Amanda Miller, Birgit Scherzer, Anu Sistonen, Sven Grützmacher, John Cranko, Hans van Manen and Uwe Scholz; she presented her own choreographies in Germany, Luxembourg, Poland and Hongkong.


Since 2012 she works as freelancing artist and founded : “hannah ma dance” and

“HAN SÙN Gathering”.

In 2014 she initiated and directed her first international dance festival: “ InterTanzional” .

Creations: „Trio“ ( 2012), „Dichterliebe“ ( 2013), „Zugvögel“ ( 2013), „Seasons in the Abyss“ ( 2014), „Nussknacker- das Fest ( 2014)